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Vibrance, Congruence & Purpose

Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist MBACP
Stress-Reducing Biofeedback Practitioner

Hello there and welcome to a new adventure! I trained as a therapist because I believe that people need a nurturing and safe place to experience empathy and acceptance when dealing with adversity. Using an integrative counselling approach and biofeedback technology, I help you heal past traumas and release the negative imprints left on your physical and mental health to reduce debilitating stress, overcome addictions, deepen relationships, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to fulfill your passions; with VITALITY and PURPOSE!


  • Are you working too hard on your career and experiencing burnout due to long hours and a heavy workload?

  • Do you have debilitating physical and mental health symptoms that cause anxiety or depression and prevent you from having good sleep quality?


  • Are you worried you are snapping in your relationships and feel helpless about how to self regulate?


  • Are you worried you may be isolating yourself from those around you and avoiding social engagements because you feel drained and exhausted?


  • Do you feel stuck in your current career and need clarity on how to pursue passions that energise you?


  • Are high expectations leaving you with feelings of guilt and shame that create performance anxiety?


  • Do you often question your competence and struggle with  “imposters syndrome”?

  • Are you worried you might be medicating to get through your day and your addictions may push you over the edge?

  • Are you regularly questioning why you are here and feeling high levels of hopelessness and despair?


What's on

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I am an advocate for helping people see and engage with their unique existence in the world. Sometimes it's difficult to see our strengths, as we are more aware of our shortcomings. Our upbringing and life experiences shape our self-concept in conscious and unconscious ways. As a team, we will work together to unearth the experiences that have created a barrier in enhancing your sense of self-worth and purpose.

No rush... one step at a time.


What to






In my practice, I ensure I understand what motivates you to grow by identifying motivations in your comfort, stretch or panic zone. This helps with building realistic goals that are achievable. With the right support and accountability:


  • You’ll be jumping out of bed with energy and excitement and starting your day with confidence and power.

  • You’ll engage in conversations at work with your partners or family members without worrying every conversation will turn into an argument.


  • Go to bed at night, anticipating a good night’s rest.


  • Understand the messages your body is trying to tell you quickly so you can give it the right nurture and care it needs to have better metabolism.

  • Be aligned with your values and beliefs, so you live every day pursuing your passions with purpose.


  • Be free from frequent anxiety attacks and understand how to rebalance faster.


  • Your family and friends will notice something different about you because you are more present in conversations.


  • You will want to stay alive and share the gift of being you with the world.

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Explore a Journey of Holistic Healing


Living in Beijing for seven years opened my heart to the world of supporting your health naturally and energetically. I discovered therapies such as:


  • Bioresonance / Biofeedback Therapy using electromagnetic waves that picks up "stress potentials" in the body and aids in the reduction of stress and muscle relaxation

  • Sound Healing with bowls using mindfulness to attune the body to the present moment.

  • Energy Tapping through specific meridian points in the body while using affirmations to send soothing messages to the brain.

  • Chakra Balancing by using energy healing to balance chakra points in the body.

To say the least, it's been a fascinating and rewarding journey for me and my family particularly during this pandemic. Get ready to feel valued and ignited to live with passion and purpose!

We Acknowledge your pain, Encourage growth, Nourish your soul, Discover your sweet spot & Celebrate your unique victories


"If you never let people see who you really are, you can never feel all the love, celebration, and acceptance you deserve. The only way you can experience authentic intimacy and connection with others is to risk exposing your true self." 

-Yvonne Dutra-St. John

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