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Conquer Trauma & Live In Control

Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist MBACP
Stress-Reducing Biofeedback Practitioner

Are You Experiencing...

Endless Arguments?


We work with people who feel constantly triggered and dysregulated and help them meet their core needs so they can be available and ENGAGED with their loved ones or colleagues at work.
You learn the exact tools in life to create a pathway to deal with conflicts in relationships.

Consistent Aches & Pains?

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Suffering in silence and ignoring physical symptoms are becoming the new normal. We show you how to get rid of any 'superhero syndromes', create healthy boundaries, prioritise your health and BOOST your immune system.

Mental Exhaustion?


With a heavy workload and financial worries, there's no surprise you might be struggling to keep your eyes open and you are riddled with chronic stress and fatigue.
We help you learn how to be energy efficient and
REBALANCE your lifestyle.


We Acknowledge your pain, Encourage growth, Nourish your soul, Discover your values  & Celebrate your wins

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Wake up refreshed and energised

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Eliminate angry outburts through effective communictaion

Overcome internal barriers to your professional and personal success

Calm that anxious mind to ease into restful sleep

Heal from past traumas and align with your true purpose

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Be free from mental and emotional exhaustion

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Boost your confidence with self-comapassion and acceptance


What to Expect...


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We've coached numerous corporate organisations, embassies, educational communities and NGOs in live workshops.

Designed customised well-being programs for over 400 clients to maintain a sustainable and preventative life time resilience toolkit.

Built mental clarity and mindset shifts with teams to build a culture that THRIVES in homes and the workplace.

All while following the compass of their hearts and living ALIGNED with their values.


Some Videos To Get You Started!

Do you want to overcome negative patterns quickly?
Take action now!

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1. Commit to Authenticity

We will show you a proven communiction tool that will help you be honest to yourself and others about what you need to prioritise your well-being. All without compromising your career or values.

2. Set Higher Expectations

We will use our unique Stress and Burnout Barometer Shifter to show your how remove barriers to your healing process in a shorter period of time to move from self-sabotageto empowering core beliefs and an energy efficient self-care routine.

3. Leverage Positive Momentum

You will learn how to build baby steps towards the habits you want to change and get to enjoy the compounding effect of incrementally achieving your well-being goals so you can pursue your passions with vitality and purpose.

Everyday we meet people who are struggling with wounds from the past that keep them in patterns that no longer serve them, even after spending endless hours in therapy or using self-help courses they never really complete. At Devine Holistic Health, we use our our Stress and Burnout Barometer Shifter to help you develop habits that reboot your immune system, prioritise your needs and know how to ask for support without compromising your values and optimise your well-being to give you the energy you need to feel alive and purposeful

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